B.C. Library Association responds

Inba Kehoe, President of the B.C. Library Association, has sent a formal letter to Premier Campbell expressing her association’s concerns about the future of the Legislative Library.

March 21, 2007 

Dear Mr. Premier,

The British Columbia Library Association (BCLA) would like to take this opportunity to address the recent announcement concerning the relocation and service reduction at the Legislative Library of British Columbia.

The situating of the Legislative Library within the Legislature is symbolic of the importance of knowledge and learning to the founders of our province.  These values continue to be important to our present government and citizens.  As international attention to our Province grows, it is important that the world knows of our collective commitment to literacy and the quest for knowledge.

As I’m sure you would agree, in our democratic society it is the responsibility of government to protect the public record and ensure that it is freely accessible to all citizens.  The BC Legislative Library preserves official publications of the province and makes these available for the use of current legislators, their staff and for those who will succeed them.

We recommend that you offer clear and continued assurances that:

• The collections of the Legislative Library will remain fully intact and readily accessible

• Services which benefit everyone in the province, including the collecting, cataloguing, and indexing of government information in all forms, will continue without interruption

• The Legislative Library will be restored to its original prominence once the seismic upgrades have been completed.

The British Columbia Library Association requests you demonstrate your support for the services provided by the Legislative Library implementing our recommendations when you announce your plan for the future of the library known affectionately throughout the province as “the Leg”. 

Respectfully yours,

Inba Kehoe
President, British Columbia Library Association

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  1. […] (below, emphasis mine) in The Province, Mr. Campbell claims that he has not read last week’s letter from the B.C. Librarian’s Association about the closing of the Legislative Library. If the people with the most expertise and authority […]

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