How about a new, modern, accessible Legislative Library?

May 3, 2007

The present Director of the Legislative Library makes a good argument for building a brand new library within the legislative precinct:

Save the library, in a new location

April 20, 2007

There has been much in the press lately about the fate of the legislative library. I want to acknowledge the concerns of the library community.

It is important for the library to maintain its collection, services and a location near the legislative chamber, not necessarily in the present location.

A new legislative library would be a welcome asset to the legislature and the province. It would provide for the long-term preservation of the collection, which has rightly been described as an irreplaceable provincial resource, the record of government from the earliest days, and the best collection of B.C. history under one roof.

The present building, though undeniably historic and beautiful, lacks climate control and any method of fire suppression and puts this remarkable treasure at risk.

The physical limitations of the present building present barriers to those with disabilities and access is heavily restricted during legislative sittings. Both restrictions would disappear in a new facility.

A modern, state of the art library building is a way to achieve all of these worthwhile goals: Preservation, service and access.

Jane Taylor, Director, B.C. Legislative Library.

I think the public would wholeheartedly support the building of a new Legislative Library next to the Legislature. If taxpayers can afford to give MLAs a 29% pay raise, surely we can afford a new library. If you haven’t already, do contact some of these people to suggest that this government has an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for future generations of British Columbians while at the same time getting the prestige office space they so desire.